Alex Thorpe

Cars and light Trucks:
Restored a 64 Chevelle chassy from being a rust bucket: troubleshoot and repaired cars from 1949 to present. Various repairs such as engines, transmissions, brakes and body work. Also prep and paint for various applications.
Fabrication and mechanical repair of my 1977 shovelhead Harley Davidson. Various repairs and fabrication on motorcyles such as Pan Heads, Evos and shovelheads for friends as a hobby.: Making parts from basic metal and a welder such as oil tanks, foot pegs, brake and jockey shift suicide pedels. All engine and gear box repair on various models.
Heavy Diesel Trucks:
Troubleshoot and repair of diesel engines, air brakes and suspensions on Detroit diesel, Cummins and International models.
Yachts and Small Boats:
All repairs of engines, transmissions, jet drives and generators. Gel coat work and paint.
Drilling Rigs:
Repairing of drill rigs such as engines, hydralics, and electrical systems: Fabrication on broken parts to making parts for rigs to run better and drill faster.
Fabrication and Welding:
Fabrication of various items such as custon beach cruisers, motorcycle parts and repairs on trucks, cars and boats. Mig, Stick and Tig welding on steel and aluminum applications.

Diesel Mechanic: Troubleshoot and repairing of Big Rig Diesel trucks and trailers. Repairing trucks after Pm inspections and all write ups. Troubleshooting customer drive ups and rentals with issues with tractor trailers. Repairing tires, air brakes and all drivetrain applications.

Lead Diesel and Gas Mechanic: Troubleshoot and repairing of Ford and Chevy trucks, both Diesel and Gas •Troubleshoot and repair of all equipment such as flat saws, wall saws, wire saws and high cycle motors • Fabrication of machines to work better and faster and also to be safe for union concrete cutters •Inspection and repair of rock drills and other applications • Repair of generators and water pump systems • Welding and fabrication of new machines for different job types. *I have all my own tools. *Clean driving and criminal record.

Lead Diesel Mechanic, Supervisor: Working as a lead diesel mechanic on drilling rigs and tractor trailers for geothermal energy • Troubleshooting and repairing various problems such as hydraulics, electrical and engine failures • Various repairs on mixers, pumps, and grout machines • Repairing air brake systems along with inboard and outboard brake systems • Transmissions and all drive train assemblies • Keeping log sheets of repair progress along with PM sheets • Metal Fabrication, Engineering, Welding, Troubleshooting, Lead Man, Mechanical.

Supervisor, Diesel Mechanic: Troubleshoot and repaired Fairbanks Moorse engines on Navy LSD ships • Rebuilt 2-stroke generator OP engines • Cylinder head install and general overhaul on 4-stroke Peil Stick main engines • Supervised 15 work personal in different engine spaces while conducting safe working procedures and teaching diesel applications to less experienced workers • Involved in ordering parts for those specific engines along with reading Tech manuals and spec sheets.

Diesel Mechanic: As a mobile service mechanic it was my responsible for troubleshooting and repairing 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines along with Lugger generators. I also repaired electronic control and engine sensor systems. Additionally, I also worked on factory service and repair on Detroit Diesel and MTU engines.

Marine Mechanic: Worked on large yachts with both diesel and gas powered drive trains. Installation and repair on all mechanical and electrical components.

Marine Mechanic: Functions include working on on large yachts to small trailer boats. I also completed all mechanical and electrical repairs on inboards and outboards in addition to Rigging new showroom boats with engines and accessories.

Heavy Truck Mechanic, Marine Mechanic: Worked on grounds vehicles, diesel and gas powered drive trains • A lot of mobile service in other towns for marinas owned by company • Troubleshooting and repairing all diesel, gas and electrical problems • Worked on garbage trucks and tractor trailers own by the marina • Some construction work. Outboards and small boat trailer repair.

Diesel Truck Mechanic: Worked on heavy trucks fresh out of school which started with troubleshooting and repairing diesel engines along with repairing clutches, airbrake systems and wheel seals. I also did written inspections on trucks and trailers.


WYOMING TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Laramie, WY. Diploma - Diesel Technology courses consisting of 1,000 Hours in lab, theory and practical application projects. Graduation Date: March 22, 2002.

MERCURY SERVICE SCHOOL, Hayward,CA. E-skill courses completed: Smart Craft 1, Corrosion, electrical systems, fuel systems, marine technician.


Other Skills:

Mig, Tig and Stick welding fabrication. Boat rigging • fiber glassing and carpentry Have all my own tools and a clean driving record.
Military Service:

* NBC School
* Infantry School
* Military Police (1 year)
* Supervised 25 personnel