Dr. Jeff Werber

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2007-present Host/Writer, Lassie’s Pet Vet, National Public TV
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2003-Present Host, Writer, Pet Care TV Educational Segments
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1999-2001 Pet Expert, The Early Show, CBS-TV
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1996-1999 Host, Petcetera, Animal Planet Channel
1996 Segment Contributor, The Leeza Show, NBC-TV
1995-1996 Segment Contributor, Mike and Maty, ABC-TV
1996 Segment Contributor, Caryl and Marilyn Show, ABC-TV
1996 Segment Contributor, Jim J. and Ann Show, Syndicated
1993-1995 Pet Expert, Good Day-L.A., FOX-TV
1989-1994 Pet Expert, The Home Show, ABC-TV

2005 Host/Writer,Welcome Home To Your New Friend - Dog/Cat Revised
2003 Host/Writer, Building the Bond, Dogs
2003 Host/Writer, Building the Bond, Cats
2003 Host/Writer, Welcome Home To Your New Friend - Dog/Cat
1990 Host/Writer, Petpourri, - Educational Video Series
1990 Host/Writer, Pet-A-Gree Video Series - Dog Breed- Specific Video

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1993 March Published Roundtable, Veterinary Economics, "Redefining Your Approach to Flea Control"
1992 August Article, Veterinary Forum, "Making Headlines Veterinarians in the Media"

D.V.M., School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, CA
Master’s Program, Department of Biology, California State University, Northridge, CA
A.B., Zoology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Honors and Distrinctions
2015 Speaker, World Small Animal Veterinary Association, Bangkok
2015 Speaker, Latin American Veterinary Conference, Peru
2014 Speaker, Central Veterinary Conference-East
2014 Speaker, Central Veterinary Conference
2013 Speaker, Southern European Veterinary Conference
2013 Keynote Speaker, London Veterinary Forum
2009-present Spokesperson/Director of Veterinary Affairs Pet Airways
2008 Spokesperson, Home Again Pet Microchips
2007-present Spokesperson, 8-in-1 Pet Products
2003-present Host/Writer/Director of Veterinary Affairs-Pet Care TV
2003-2008 Member, Advisory Board, Last Chance for Animals
2002-2006 Member, Legislative Committee, California Vet Medical Assoc.
2000 Speaker of the Year, North American Veterinary Conf.
1999-2004 Founder, First President, Association of Veterinary Communicators Co-Chairman, Public Relations,California Veterinary Medical Association
1998-2004 Spokesperson, Bayer Animal Health
1998 Emmy Award Winner, KCBS Morning News-Los Angeles, CA
1997 Cable ACE Nominee, Petcetera
1993-present Advisory Board Member, Veterinary Economics
1993-1994 Board of Directors, American Humane Association
1992-1994 National Spokesperson, American Humane Association
1994 Recipient, Annual Aware and Caring Award, American Humane Assoc.
1991-1992 Who's Who in Veterinary Science and Medicine
1986-1987 Who's Who in California
1983-1984 Phi Kappa Phi, School of Veterinary Medicine, U.C. Davis
1983-1984 National Dean's List, School of Veterinary Medicine, U.C. Davis
1982-1984 Phi Zeta Honor Society,School of Vet Medicine, U.C. Davis
1981-1984 George Hart Memorial Scholar, School of Veterinary Medicine, U.C. Davis
1972-1976 Alumni Scholar, University of California at Berkeley

Work Experience
2009-present Official Veterinarian/Consultant, ProSense Pet Products
2001-present Co-founder/CEO “jeffwerberproducts” Pet Products/Media
1990-present Media Spokesperson
1987-present Independent Medical Journalist, Media and Print
1988-present Founder, Owner, and Director, Century Veterinary Group, LA