Curt & Jacob Brannan
Detective & Cop

Curtis and Jacob Brannan are a “father and son” team of crime fighting martial artists. Curt Brannan is an “old school” style homicide detective, in the style of old west crime fighters, while his son, Jacob, is a modern day hard charging patrol officer. Frequently working together before Curt’s retirement, styles clashed in typical father and son ways. Sometimes the new ways work and sometimes the old ways are the solution but in either case the goals are the same…get the bad guys off the street. These men use different techniques to accomplish common goals in law enforcement. Each has skills that compliment the other although at times they each may believe the other’s approach is misguided. Curt uses his “foot on the ground” approach of knocking on doors and talking information out of witnesses and suspects. Jacob might use his computer skills and knowledge of various systems to find the information he needs. Curt uses his vast knowledge and people skills developed over 31 years of police work to track, stake-out, and interrogate, while Jacob uses his computer skills and modern technology to research, plant trackers or use audio/video recorders. Curt’s approach is methodical and up front to get the information he needs while Jacob’s approach is technological and scientific. Their crime fighting styles differ in “New School VS Old School” but the objectives are the same in a battle to rid the streets of crime.

Curtis Brannan is a thirty year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department in the State of Texas and has recently retired as the Senior Homicide Detective in that agency. He has vast experience investigating literally thousands of violent assault and murder cases, which has provided him with significant knowledge of the mechanics of violent criminal attacks. He is a Seventh Degree Black Belt in the American Karate System and has been certified by the FBI as a "DEFENSIVE TACTICS INSTRUCTOR." He has also received training by the UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE in "DIGNITARY AND EXECUTIVE PROTECTION." He has served as the personal "bodyguard" for several high profile celebrities and dignitaries and has traveled with them across the United States. He has worked with Chuck Norris as a personal assistant during the filming of “Walker Texas Ranger.” Curt Brannan served in the United States Army as a Combat Arms Drill Sergeant, training military personnel in defensive tactics at the United States Army Training Center, Fort Polk, LA. He has over forty years of training in various systems of Martial Arts. Currently, he is the Chief Instructor and owner of the American Academy of Martial Arts located in Fort Worth, Texas. Curt and Jacob teach several classes weekly to a wide range of students. They are also training police officers in the skills of defensive tactics and arrest procedures. Both still train and are always anxious to learn and improve themselves and their students. While serving with the police Homicide Unit Detective Brannan has been featured in countless news accounts of murder cases. During this time Detective Brannan has performed many “on camera” interviews. An important series of interviews may be seen in a multimedia documentary from the Fort Worth Star Telegram called To Catch A Killer about a high profile serial murder case. Detective Brannan has also testified on numerous murder and capital murder cases. Curtis Brannan has been married to his wife, Beverly, for forty-three years and is a dedicated, Christian family man. Curt and Beverly have two sons, Cole, who is 37 years old married with 2 children and Jacob, who is 26 and also married with three children. Curt Brannan is a real cowboy. He owns, trains, and rides horses and loves to team rope with his wife Beverly. Since his youth in Fort Worth, Curt has loved the cowboy way of life and has done ranch work and also has competed in rodeo events both as an amateur and at professional shows. Curt Brannan has often been described as the model of a “Texas Lawman.”

Jacob Brannan is currently serving as a patrol officer with the Fort Worth Police Department. He and Curt Brannan served together while Curt was in Homicide and Jacob was working in patrol in some of Fort Worth’s toughest and most crime infested neighborhoods. During this time Curt and Jacob frequently worked on cases with one another resulting in numerous felony arrests and successful death scene investigations. Jacobs energy, zeal and eagerness to pursue criminals into any area has earned him a reputation on the department as a “hard charging crime fighter” who will never give up the chase.

"I do it all. Drug trafficking, crime scene investigation, interrogation, running, gunning, fighting and whatever it takes to get the bad guy."

Jacob Brannan was raised in Karate schools under the instruction of his dad and numerous other great Black Belts. Jacob has set records in physical fitness courses at the police training center that still stand to this date. He is a professional MMA contestant and is undefeated as a professional. He is frequently requested to teach physical fitness and defensive tactics at the police academy. Jacob’s reputation is that of a very good police officer with tremendous physical abilities yet as a very humorous and gentle Christian family man.