Rick and Kelly Dale

Rick and Kelly Dale are the owners of Rick's Restorations in Las Vegas and stars of the hit TV show American Restoration on the History Channel. Rick Dale is an expert restorer of classic objects and artifacts, boasting nearly 30 years in the business. Kelly Dale is a natural business woman having businesses in Real Estate and a Moving Company. Driven by their clients’ desires to restore the memories the items represent, Rick and Kelly have built their career on an unbridled passion and unique skill for bringing beat up objects back to life. This was a match made in heaven, with Rick’s knowledge of restoration and Kelly’s expertise in business, they were bound for stardom.

American Restoration has been on air for 5 years with over 135 episodes and an average of 2.5 million viewers a week with over 1.5 million men between the ages of 25-54 as the target demographic. The projects that they restore trigger memories for the viewers and fans that become so relatable. This is why Rick and Kelly are a big attraction to their fans. The fans feel like they really know them and are so approachable.

Car Shows are a comfort level for Rick and Kelly to judge or host. Vintage cars are in their blood as they both have restored cars for their kids and themselves.

Recently, Rick and Kelly visited Digby Nova Scotia Canada to host and judge a car show. Kelly who excels in social media, tweeted and Facebook’d their fans to entice them to attend even though a hurricane just hit the town. The fans of Ricks Restorations feel that they are connecting with Rick and Kelly by seeing what they do in their off time.

A children’s book that the pair wrote and self-published will be hitting the shelves before the end of 2014. Who better to encourage our young people of today to stop throwing things away and fix them instead? Rick and Kelly have raised their kids in the business and have taught them the most valuable lessons of their life.

A Favorite pastime for this couple is playing blackjack at the local casinos. Rick being the more conservative one was always worried with Kelly, the risk taker of the two. She had no problem creating excitement with a crowd by throwing down a large bet. Even if it was a losing bet, she still shrugged it off by saying she was still a winner because she made the best bet of her life, her husband!

Each day, Rick's Restorations hosts over 1000 fans that tour through the facility. Rick and Kelly have built their building so that the customer can have a full experience. Travel back in time while strolling through the hall and see old coke machines, Philco radios, flyer wagons and so much more, all while viewing the restoration process through safety windows. Check out their TripAdvisor and you will see firsthand the comments from their visitors. Fans from all over the world plan their vacations around their visit to the shop because they love them!

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