Shanna Olson

Shanna Olson.

Beauty Pageant Queen, Hollywood Dog Mom, Comedienne.

Shanna Olson is a modern day “I Love Lucy”- style comedienne with a refreshing, sweet, and wholesome comedic style reminiscent of a by gone era. She grew up in a very conservative home, and was only allowed to watch limited, wholesome, classic comedy re-run TV shows which she believes was the foundation for her comedic timing.

Shanna decided to combine two of her passions- pageantry and dogs, by mentoring her dogs to become pageant queens and kings themselves. Her dogs now have a wardrobe of over 500 outfits, wigs, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and more. The outfits range from costumes representing various cultures around the world, to military uniforms for their visits to children whose parents are stationed at US military bases, to black tie pageant and Oscar attire. Her dogs compete in doggie beauty pageants, and have walked the runway in the New York Pet Fashion Show during New York fashion week. But Shanna has realized what she thought would be a fun hobby with her dogs, is actually more competitive than any human beauty pageant she has ever competed in. Her dream is to find or create a mother/daughter pageant that she and her doggie daughter can compete in together. Shanna says that although some of her activities with her dogs may seem over the top, she loves making people laugh. "My dogs in their cute outfits always makes people smile which fits well with her natural high pitched voice that also surprise people and they smile in response". Shanna’s wholesome comedic style is refreshing and sweet, reminiscent of a by gone era.

Shanna has always been a passionate animal lover. While dating her former fiancé, Shanna and her dogs were exposed to a world of travel on private jets, 5 star hotels, yachts, and room service for dogs. In her European travel adventures, Shanna was surprised and happy to see that dogs were welcome inside restaurants in Europe, and wished that it could be like that here in the US as well. She also loves the fact that throughout the world, people of all different cultures and backgrounds are united and have an instant connection when they see a cute dog, and this helped her to make instant friends and connections around the world. No matter what language you speak or how different your backgrounds are, a cute dog makes an instant connection.

Shanna Olson is a beauty pageant queen, having held the titles of Ms. Texas America, Ms. California, Ms. California US Continental, Ms. Petite California, Ms. Hollywood’s Most Glamorous, Ms. Petite United America, and currently Ms. U.S. Royal World. Additionally, she has won numerous other awards while competing in pageantry including Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic, Swimsuit winner, Director’s Award, Media Award, and Pageantry Magazine’s Pageantry Spirit Award.

Shanna began competing in pageants while in college, and loves the big pageant hair, the glamorous makeup, and glitzy clothing, and thinks it suits her over- the – top personality perfectly. "Of course I love the glamour of pageantry, but I also love all the opportunities pageants have given me to get involved with charity endeavors and bring more attention to my platform of promoting service dogs and animal welfare." She also enjoys attending events supporting the US Military and veterans, and military families.

Being a Hollywood Dog Mom along with the poise of being a beauty pageant queen with a unique comedic delivery,, Shanna is approached regularly as a Pet Lifestlyle Expert regarding issues such as dog fashion, dog events, dog yoga, dog birthday parties, dog nutrition, dog weddings, travel with your dog, and much more.