Are you prepared for your next great adventure in life?

“How to Become the Next Big TV Reality Star” is a hands-on workshop led by Kathy L. Carter to explore your potential as a television reality star in your own show.   The workshop answers the following questions:

What is your TV Reality Star persona? (You will answer 3 major questions about yourself.)

How do you get discovered? (The who, what, when, where and why of the TV Reality Show industry.)

After you get discovered, how do you prepare yourself for:

– Presenting your brand efficiently and effectively?

– Meetings with producers, directors, managers and agents?

– The “Elevator Pitch”?

– Casting calls?

What paper and digital materials do you need to promote yourself? (Resume, Video Showreel, Social Media, etc.)

Along with your fellow participants, you will immediately get on your feet and put into practice the basic tools necessary to become the next great TV Reality Star.   Are you ready for YOUR NEXT GREAT ADVENTURE?  Register for the next workshop.