Lee Reherman

IN MEMORIAM - Lee Reherman 1966-2016

Since his early days as THE HAWK on The American Gladiators, Lee Reherman has been a recognizable entertainment personality for nearly two decades, now boasting ACTING, HOSTING, VOICE OVER, & PRODUCTION CREDITS in over 100 Television & Feature Film projects; his broad resume includes everything from wacky DISNEY characters, to gritty SHOWTIME roles, to hi-octane SPEED CHANNEL hosting gigs.

Reherman currently plays “Secret Service Agent ROSS HARDISON” in Byron Allen’s new BET comedy series, The First Family, & appears as “MERC” in JJ Abrams summer blockbuster, Star Trek 2 Into Darkness. On the hosting side, Reherman is currently in his 7th Season of Hot Rod TV for SPEED, his 2nd Season of Off Road Overhaul for THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL, & his 1st Season of Game Changers for STAGE 5 TV. And Reherman is currently the International live-action face of RED 5 STUDIO’s Video Game Firefall, having added TYPHON to his “super-hero resume,” beginning in 2012.

Also in 2013, Reherman starred on Ron Howard & Brian Grazer’s TNT Adventure Show, The Great Escape & he added a season of SPEED’s Battle of the Supercars to his car show hosting resume. In 2012, Reherman starred on SHOWTIME’s Look, was recurring on ABC’s General Hospital, & Guest Starred on NBC’s Chuck. And in 2010 Reherman Guest Starred on COMEDY CENTRAL’s Workaholics, CBS’s Medium, & CW’s 90210.

Reherman has also lent his distinguishable voice to Video Games, Animation, & Ad Campaigns, & he can currently be heard as the voice of ARMAGEDDON on The CARTOON NETWORK’s Regular Show & as one of the voices of the VISA NFL Superbowl Campaign. And he just completed VO for multiple lead characters in the Blue Harvest Motion Capture Video Game Project, set for release in 2014.

Reherman’s earlier theatrical credits include: Navy NCIS, Prison Break, Terriers, Leverage, Not Easily Broken, Race to Witch Mountain, The Closer, Bratz The Movie, The Shield, & In Case of Emergency. And he’s been a DISNEY regular with Guest Star Appearances on Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Cory of the House, Suite Life, & Thats So Raven. As a host, he’s worked for almost every network, including Best Damn on FOX, StressTest on HGTV, That Yin Yang Thing on TLC, RollerJam on SPIKE, Arena on G4, The American Veteran Awards on HISTORY, & The XFL on NBC.