Alex Thorpe

Born on April 24 1979, Alex Thorpe was brought in this world to do many things: fabricate metal, work on engines; fix anything mechanical ever made while keeping the peace and protecting people along the way.

It all started when he lived in Stockton, California back in 1991. Growing up in the ghetto is not easy for anybody when you get picked on by bullies and forced to deal with gang bangers that want you to join their crews. Alex started lifting weights in the 6th grade and training on an old sea bag his dad gave him from the navy to be a good street fighter. One day walking to school, he faced the bullies that always picked on him. He knew that he couldn’t turn back but must face them and get it over with. After beating two bullies down with ease, the others ran. Word got out and he was never picked on again.

Growing up he used to hang out in his parents’ garage working on his dad's Harley that was broken down. His Dad never knew there were any problems with his bike because he was too drunk to know what was going on half the time. After all, the verbal abuse that Alex was faced with on a day-to-day basis from his Dad, forced him to make a life changing decision in moving forward: to be great at everything.

After mastering wood, metal and automotive shop classes, Alex joined the Marines believing that he could be something else than just a mechanic… a leader. For him to be a good mechanic in the future, he knew he had to work on leadership skills. Stationed in 29 Palms, California, Alex trained in the hot sands of the desert; jumping out of helicopters and repelling down mountains. He also spent time as a military police officer making arrests and driving in high speed chases to keep law and order on and off the base. Being deported to South Korea and Japan, he trained in jungle warfare. With his military training coupled with his tools of engagement back on the streets in Stockton, his edges were sharpened. He returned to his roots in Stockton to start his mechanic career and put his skills to use as a bouncer.

For the next 7 years in Stockton, Alex tested his natural skills as a mechanic from rebuilding and repairing engines on Big Rig Diesel Trucks to reconstructing ski boat and Yacht engines as a Marine Mechanic. He kept his motorcycle interest alive through purchasing a 1977 Harley Davidson and transforming it into his own version, a rat bike -- a chopped out radical creation that has no shine and no limits on its look. Just like a rat rod but on two wheels.

While expanding his knowledge in all engine buildings he was a bouncer at night. He was forced to deal with the underbelly of society not only growing up in the ghetto, but in sketchy bars during his bouncing / bartending days. In every bar he worked, he became the head bouncer -- always in charge of the staff. Big problems were an every night occurrence. Personal workout regimes along with his Marine Corps training produced a lethal street fighter and protector.

Always challenging himself to do more, he moved to the west coast to work on 200 foot yachts and 100 foot coast guard ships rebuilding and servicing engines as a mechanic. This led him to the Navy docks to work on ship engines the size of a school bus. With chain falls and lifts he learned the skills and the know-how to rebuild and service these machines.

Mastering engine building and repair on land and in sea, Alex challenged himself again by working in the oil fields as lead diesel mechanic on all types of drilling rigs. After boredom struck, Alex changed vocations once again and landed at a concrete company working on their trucks and cutting machines.

In Alex’s off-time, he still builds rat bikes, works on car and motorcycle engines and now fabricates beach cruisers – a long low rider bicycle with open handle bars and bandana wrapped seats.

Oh, and by the way, Alex wants to open up his own bar one day.