Billy Jr.

Billy Jr. is known in the heartland of America, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He ran the family’s non-profit farm filled with exotic animals for a little over 18 years. His family’s farm has had over 32 different species of animals such as water buffalo, muntjac deer, elk, kangaroos, ostrich, emu, dromedary camel, buffalo, zebra, zebu, just to name a few. So far, he has hosted over 1.1 million people during his animal activity career. He can mimic the sounds of the animals getting them to react to people's presence.

He also carries a Master Beef Producer Certificate from the University of Tennessee. He has raised and released indigenous injured animals (hawks, opossum, king snakes, owls and white tail rabbits, and deer) back into the wild that would not have survived. Being a former Army medic, he used his medical training to attend to these injured animals. His neighbors today still call on him to handle their wildlife problems. (Some examples include tearing placenta of newborns, starting IVs, cutting out cysts off necks, de-horning, castrating). Also, he sets up barns, water troughs, filtering systems on farms that are out-of-date.

Billy Jr. wants to film other exotic animal farms across America that most people don't even know exist. "Camels, zebras, and ostriches are just right around the corner if we let folks know about them."

Currently, Billy has been running the Outback at Kentucky Down Under for the past 3 years taking care of, training and buying the kangaroos, emus and wallabies. He is referred to as the kangaroo whisperer.