David O'Brien

For almost 8 years, David O'Brien has been nationally recognized as one of the top people working in the Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste Decontamination industry (Crime Scene Cleaner). His family run business, Crime Scene Clean Team, and his nationwide network of crime scene cleaning and trauma scene cleaning professionals will decontaminate, clean, remove and lawfully dispose of any and all potentially infectious bio-hazardous medical waste (clean up blood, bodily fluids) associated with death or any type of trauma situations.

He is certified to Cleanup Suicide, Blood, Death, Death Odor, Trauma and all types of incidents related to a homicide cleanup, suicide, accident, unattended death, undiscovered death and tear gas whether it be a crime scene or trauma scene. He and his team decontaminate, clean, remove and lawfully dispose of all remnants related to MRSA (Staph), HIV, Aids, Hepatitis, H5N1-A Bird Flu Influenza, H1N1-A Swine Flu Influenza, BedBugs, Bloodborne Pathogens, Airborne Pathogens, SARS, TB, Homicide, Suicide, Natural Undiscovered Death, Drive by Shootings, Meth Labs, Drug Houses, Gross Filth, Trash Houses, PackRat, Hoarding among others.

The founder of Crime Scene Clean Team, David O'Brien has received numerous certifications. David O'Brien along with the entire Crime Scene Clean Team adhere to all Federal, State and Local codes and regulations regarding extensive annual training; they meet and or exceed OSHA standards. Crime Scene Clean Team would like for the public to feel safe in their respective communities. That is what this service is all about. Crime Scene Clean Team handles each and every individual incident with the utmost compassion and discretion.

Additionally, David started his Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination Training Academy in Las Vegas in 2005 to certify people in this rapidly growing industry. David's training is very intense as he drills his students in the classroom and challenges them with the utmost intense training in an abandoned house where he stages real life scenarios with pig blood and maggots as well as hazmat material to find out if they have what it takes for this type of reality.

David's background (as a male exotic dancer) is as colorful and diverse as the students he trains. He welcomes people to the team from all sorts of backgrounds for part-time or full-time employment. People who are interested in a career change and/or starting their own business, they are welcome: waitresses, police officers, trainers, dancers, nurses, casino hosts, people on Unemployment, Workers Comp, Dept. of Vocational Rehab, retired older people (the list goes on) are all welcome.

"Our team of highly trained decontamination specialist technicians are available 24/7/365 including holidays at NO additional charge. We are ready to respond to any given incident with Rapid Response. We will cater to all your needs and work around your schedule." David O'Brien.

David's Students

Mark HowellMark Howell. Born in Whitter, CA, raised in Covina, CA. Currently lives with girlfriend and her 3 kids in Las Vegas. Raised by his mother. No father around.

"Ever since I could remember being a child, I could never understand why my parents weren't together for me, my brothers and my mom. My mother never really did talk much about why he wasn’t around, even when I tried to ask her about him. Now that I really think about it and I am a man, I think I was better off with mom. Our mother did such a great job raising us even though we had our ups and downs just like everyone else does. All three of us grew up helping each other with everything, which I believed had a lot to do with developing and shaping who we are and what our personality would be like."

"That’s how I wanted to be. I always wanted to be that go-to guy that knows just enough about everything. How to fix just about anything, how to get around town, how to build and break down physical matters, etc. I can honestly say that I’m very excited with the way my life turned out, knowing that I have always kept my head up high whenever times are great or bad, knowing that when people see you always lending a helping hand, opportunity will always be knocking on your door -- to better yourself or life style. "

Today he works for David O'Brien cleaning up crime scenes. In his off-time, Mark likes puzzle solving type demands, biking super lg. dis., working on cars, redesigning anything that needs some color or make over, roller skating/boarding, painting/drawing, sight seeing/exploring buildings and land.

Kris CaronKris Caron. Raised in a small town about 35 miles north of Boston. Currently lives in Las Vegas. Past jobs: Administrative Assistant in Orange County for 8 years and a Bio-Recovery Technician in Vegas. She became curious about this line of work because she dated a guy off & on when he died suddenly and alone. She believes his family had to deal not only with his untimely death but also the trauma of cleaning up a bio-hazardous situation with absolutely nothing to go by. This was 20 years ago and she's never forgotten him. Kris googled death scene cleaning and got certified in crime scene clean up; however, the certification was not hands-on. She was certified by watching a slide show presentation and taking tests. She then contacted David O'Brien (who was based in Huntington Beach) to inquire about work. David immediately invited Kris to observe him at work, cleaning a house after an unattended death had occurred. "An offer nobody else was willing to extend. I jumped at the chance and we met at the home and I was very excited to learn this business first hand from a pro." David showed her how he safely removed and disposed of bio-hazardous waste as well as how deep these wastes can penetrate. The house was full of flies, the furniture, clothes and computer ensconced with the odor of death; part of the floor even had to be removed. "It's a smell you'll never forget once you've smelled it." The deceased relatives were beginning to congregate outside of the home, tissues over their nose and mouth, across the street because the odor was that overpowering. That was absolutely the worst thing Kris has ever seen or smelled. She knew she made the right decision to get certified.

Kris is currently looking for full time employment to save up the money to take David O'Brien's course and become certified by him. "It's a more intense training where he gives real life scenarios with pig blood and maggots as well as hazmat material."

Jaclyn BartmanJaclyn Bartman. Born in Garfield, NJ and living in Vegas for the past 17 years. Lives with cousin Jennifer. Has her GED. She waitresses 4 days a week at a bar called Steiners. She has been certified for crime scene clean up for about a year now and works for David. She has been on a horder scene and a few suicides.

Jaclyn likes to hike, climb, play pool, go to concerts and hang out with friends. Her favorite show is "First 48".