Brett Riley

Brett Riley is one of the most original entertainers coming to light in the comedy world. With the swagger of a rock front man and the likability of a college drinking buddy, this walking "series of unfortunate events" takes the audience on a personal tour of the Brett Riley view on everything from sensitivity acceptance, pop-culture, relationships, family, advice on how to mess with people, and the ability to sing well enough to make your mom forget the other stuff that comes out of his mouth. Brett Riley is a farm boy from Kansas with the heart of a soul singer which makes for a life full of unusual and out of place stories. It has been said "Brett Riley isn't a fish out of water, he is his own portable bowl." Realizing he was born to entertain, Brett took a Scholarship to Oklahoma City University for Music Theatre. He quickly learned he was meant to perform, just not music theatre. After sneaking into comedy clubs with fake IDs, getting booked as the house emcee and winning Wichita King of Comedy 2004, it became very obvious that he needed to hit the road and take it to the next level. Brett didn't waste anytime proving himself in LA, six months after arriving he claimed the title The Funniest Comic in the City 2007 which led to his appearance on Judge Joe Brown to collect the prize money. After a car accident almost claimed his life in Sept. 2008, determined not to be forgotten Brett quickly bounced back by winning the title of Roc Da Mic Comedy Competition Compton 2009, headlined on under CandorTV, and won Uncle Clyde's Comedy Competition 2010. After showing his versatility and consistency as a performer Brett has become a week in week out regular on the Improv and Laugh Factory stages, all the well-known stand-alone shows throughout Hollywood, new venues like Inside Jokes Comedy club Highland Center, and is consistently pushing to show an undeniable comfortability performing for any audience that's ready to laugh.

Brett was named to the roster of the new season of BET's Comic View taping in Atlanta. He was named to the “Best of Fest” for the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival 2013 and had his Performance played on Raw Dog Comedy on SiriusXM. Aside from comedy, this triple-threat has won the “Comedy Rap Battle” at the Comedy Store in Hollywood and was seen on Real Life the Musical on the OWN network (where he serenaded and proposed to his now wife).

With the future looking bright and the clarity of a second chance, this new Father and life long performer is more than ready to keep audiences entertained for years to come!