Elvis Restaino

Elvis Restaino has over 15 years experience in architectural and interior design for commercial residential, restaurants and hotel establishments and production design in movies and television. He has crafted authentic architectural recreations and led historic renovations - skillfully producing modern functionality - while preserving historic integrity. Elvis is committed to key design elements such as space, lighting and composition, creating both a meaningful and purposeful experience. “The process begins with notes I take from meeting with a prospective client. Those notes become sketches and then high-quality 3-D renderings. Renderings are the foundation for manufacturing and execution. I remain engaged with the client throughout this process - leaving no aspect to ambiguity or chance.”

Elvis’ approach to space and composition capture the personal essence of each client or brand from converting a potato barn into an ultra-exclusive wine club for Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander in the Hamptons to designing Gerald Butler’s loft which was the featured cover of Architectural Digest to restoring a 1790 farmhouse to the haunted Erieville Manor in upstate New York. Elvis Restaino’s, one of the only published "Designer for the Dead", manor was featured on the Travel Channel's The Dead Files, which helped spring board the ghostly eerie renovation into a haunting destination experience whose rooms are sold out for the next three years. Elvis' most recent project was a live music venue and restaurant in the basement of the historic Pershing Square building in Los Angeles called MRS. FISH. The dynamic subterranean hideout features Elvis' world renowned apocalyptic style featuring a 50,000 pound fish tank chandelier.

He is able to manage complex client requirements and has developed a strong reputation for creating unique and provocative design concepts while also ensuring a functional and comfortable environment. While Elvis typically oversees the entire project from manufacturing to construction, he enjoys creative collaboration and works effectively with other partners in the process. Elvis’ portfolio is both diverse and highly impactful, and illustrates a creative outlook highlighted by a commitment to key design concepts.