Elvis Restaino

Elvisto “Elvis” Restaino has been a designer for over 15 years. Jimmy Kimmel gave him his start in the Art Department on The Man Show. He quickly developed a reputation for unique and provocative environments in the film and television industry. He studied the theory of lighting from the most prestigious Cinematographers in the entertainment business and incorporated that knowledge into all of his production designs. He then took his theatrical sensibilities and applied them to the commercial and residential design world. He was fortunate enough to meet actor Gerard Butler when he was in need of an Architectural Designer for his loft in New York City. Gerard loved Elvis’ passionate theatrical style and was hired. That project was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest.

Elvis’ approach to space and composition are alluring and intoxicating. This approach always reflects the personal essence of all his clients. He oversees the entire project from manufacturing to construction. This passion all started when he was 7 years old after his first ride on Disney’s, “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. He asked his Italian American Momma, who happened to be a costume seamstress on Broadway, “Who designed that ride?” She said, “They are Production Designers”. Elvis replied, “Then that is what I want to be!”

He has been recycling the past and designing alternative worlds ever since. He loves his dark roasted coffee beans freshly ground and percolated in the morning. His love for cooking, fabulous wine, conversation with his family and loved ones are a must in his life. He prefers a snowstorm to a sunny day. Elvis is a tough man to miss in a crowd of people. His fashion style is distinctive, he is never seen without his triple Windsor knotted cravat that accents his piercing blue eyes. Every morning he walks his dogs, makes his bed and is thankful for the freedom to create.

…so his circle widens.